Annual Aussie/Kiwi Test

With COVID-19 in place, only a total of 18 teams attended the Aussie/Kiwi test, which included a Ladies and Men’s test.   Due to the restrictions, members, who normally attend from New Zealand, were unable to travel to compete in this years test.    The other 12 teams competed in a non test sides competition.

In the Ladies test, the Aussie Ladies won the first game and the Kiwi the second, resulting in a draw.

In Men’s test, the Aussie’s won both rinks in the first game and in the second both teams won one rink each, therefore, the Aussie Men won three rinks to one and bragging rights until the next Test in 2021.

In the non test, the highest overall score of 4 plus 29 went to the “Bogans Bitches”.

Prior to this test the overall winning after 14 years, was seven all, and after this year, the Aussies are now eight to seven.

The event was a great success and this is largely due to the efforts of Terry Bogun and Merv Hudson.